the Moonshadow Project
Rebecca Kilgore and Susannah Mars prepare to record together
Special guest Susannah Mars performed a duet with Rebecca Kilgore on a charming song called
"You Make It Look So Easy," and contributed vocal harmonies on "A Christmas Lullabye."
hoto by Jim Garrison ©2014

The Moonshadow Project is a unique collaboration between partners Rebecca Kilgore, Ellen Vanderslice and Mike Horsfall to produce 18 original jazz tunes, with each partner contributing melodies, harmonies and lyrics to the collaboration.

Our new CD, MOONSHADOW DANCE, was released in January, 2016.

You can get a taste of one of our favorite songs, "The Day I Learned French." Rebecca Kilgore performed it at the first Allegheny Jazz Party in Cleveland, Ohio, on September 22, 2014, and Michael Steinman featured a video of the performance in his blog of October 16.

Mike Horsfall monitors as David Evans records
hoto by Jim Garrison ©2014

In the summer of 2014 a stellar lineup of some of Portland's finest jazz musicians gathered in Sellwood for the recording session. The project partners were able to recruit a dream team of musicians: Randy Porter on piano, Tom Wakeling on bass, and Todd Strait on drums, with guest spots by David Evans on tenor sax, Dan Balmer on guitar, John Moak on trombone, Tim Jensen on flute and alto flute, Israel Annoh on percussion, Steve Christofferson on melodica, Dick Titterington on flugelhorn and the wonderful Brazilian guitarist Marco DeCarvalho.

Mike Moore at Dead Aunt Thelma's Recording Studio is our recording and mixing engineer, and arbiter of all things audio.

  Cover of EP with title "It's Getting To Be That Time of Year."

Our first product, released in November 2014, is an EP of three Christmas songs, entitled IT'S GETTING TO BE THAT TIME OF YEAR. It's available on CD Baby and iTunes or at Music Millennium in Portland.

The EP was mastered at Kevin Nettleingham Audio and Caleb Olson of Nettleingham designed the EP graphics.


In January 2016 we celebrated the release of the CD MOONSHADOW DANCE with an all-star concert at The Old Church.

Thanks to Kari Gaffney we're getting radio airplay -- in fact, on March 2 we charted at 21 out of the Top 40 jazz reported by CMJ Jazz#1430. And we're garnering gratifying reviews - see our PRESS page!

The EP was mastered by John Golden of Golden Mastering, and Keith Buckley of Zap Graphics photographed and designed the CD package.


Mike Horsfall, Mike Moore, Ellen Vanderslice and Rebecca Kilgore pose for a cell phone selfie outside Dead Aunt Thelma's Recording Studio on October 1, 2014.

Ellen Vanderslice is an award-winning jazz composer and vocalist whom the late Dick Bogle called “a world-class song writing talent,” and whom George Fendel has praised for the “timeless quality” of her melodies and lyrics. She is the owner of Cherry Pie Music.


Photo by Jim Garrison ©2014

Rebecca Kilgore is a song stylist extraordinaire, known for her effortless portrayals of the Great American Songbook, with more than 40 recordings to her credit. She has appeared with Michael Feinstein at Carnegie Hall and on "A Prairie Home Companion," and has been a frequent guest on National Public Radio's "Fresh Air" with Terry Gross. She regularly performs worldwide at jazz festivals and jazz parties as well as in such venues as Birdland, in New York City; The Jazz Bakery in Culver City, California; and The Concorde Club in Southampton, UK; and was the guest of honor at the 2013 Roswell Jazz Festival in New Mexico. She was inducted into the Jazz Society of Oregon's Hall Of Fame in 2003 and to the Oregon Music Hall of Fame in 2010. This project marks her debut as a songwriter.
Photo by Jim Garrison ©2014
Mike Horsfall is a composer, arranger, recording artist, concert soloist and educator on both vibraphone and piano. He has recorded with Pink Martini, the Nu Shooz Orchestra and with Tall Jazz, the trio he co-founded in 1989 that was voted into the Jazz Society of Oregon’s Hall of Fame in 2010.